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Defending Against a Cancellation

Don't Let Your Mark Get Cancelled!
  • Free Attorney Consultation Regarding the Legal Basis of the Claims Alleged in the Cancellation
  • Attorney Drafted & Signed Response Refuting the Allegations Contained in the Cancellation and Presenting any Defenses You May Have
  • Representation Through the Cancellation Proceeding, Including Settlement Negotiations, if Applicable

*Minimum retainer of $1,125. Cancellation response may necessitate a counterclaim filing with a potential government filing fee of $400 per international class.

Cancellation of a Registered Mark

Cancel an Invalid Mark!
  • 30-Minute Attorney Consultation Regarding the Legal Basis to Cancel Registration
  • Attorney Drafted & Petition to Cancel, filed with the Trademark Trial & Appeals Board
  • Includes USPTO Filing Fee of $600 for one international class

*Service only includes filing the Petition to Cancel. Any additional filings and/or negotiations are not included without payment of a retainer.

Cancellations are legal proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the USPTO. These proceedings seek to cancel a registered mark. The grounds to file a cancellation vary. Some examples include prior use in the U.S., descriptiveness, fraud, and genericness. Time limits are strictly enforced in these types of proceedings and you should seek assistance as soon as possible.