Trademark Registration

Acquire a trademark registration to claim your exclusive right to use your name nationwide.

You get all the benefits of the above search along with the drafting and filing of your trademark from a trademark attorney. In addition, we are listed as your Attorney of Record and respond on your behalf to the USPTO for any non-substantive responses. You should choose this option if you are interested in acquiring a trademark registration.

Office Action Response

If you received an Office action don’t give up on your mark.

During the application process an Examiner’s may reject your trademark registration in the form of an Office action. We respond to these Office actions with legal argument in an effort to get your trademark approved. If you have applied for a trademark and received an Office action we can help.

Trademark Renewals

Do not miss a renewals deadline and lose your mark.

Registered trademarks require maintenance filings. We file Section 8, Section 9, and Section 15 documents with the USPTO on your behalf.

Trademark Search

The first step to a successful trademark registration is the search.

With our trademark search service we review federal, state, domain name, and common law databases for confusingly similar marks. We then summarize these results in a legal opinion letter and a separate search report. Within the opinion letter we provide you with the information you need in order to determine whether to proceed with registration. Lastly, you have a one on one interaction with one of our trademark attorneys to discuss the results of the search.

Statement of Use

A Statement of Use proves use in commerce and is required for intent-to-use applications.

We can file a Statement of Use on your behalf to prove use. Or if you haven’t started using your mark, we can file an Extension to File a Statement of Use, which provides you six additional months from the end of your due date.

Trademark Cease & Desist Letters

Did you receive or do you need to send a cease and desist letter?

Do you need to stop someone from using your trademark, or you have just received a cease and desist letter from another trademark owner, the attorneys at The Law Firm of Sausser & Spurr, LLC can help!

Trademark Opposition

Seeking trademark opposition assistance?

Do you feel you would be damaged by a mark that is about to be registered, or has someone opposed your mark and you are at risk of losing your trademark? At The Law Firm of Sausser & Spurr, LLC we can help you navigate through the complex legal process of these type of proceedings.

Trademark Cancellation

Need help with a trademark cancellation?

Is there a registered trademark that you feel should be canceled or has someone filed cancellation proceedings against your trademark? It is important that you seek professional help in trademark cancellation proceedings and the attorneys at The Law Firm of Sausser & Spurr, LLC can help.

Trademark Monitoring

It’s important you police your mark and keep up with deadlines.

If you own a registered trademark it’s important to monitor your mark to ensure no one else is causing consumer confusion as well as to ensure you are complying with proper U.S. filing requirements. Our trademark monitoring services will not only inform you of any confusingly similar use of your mark, but we will also help remind you of when these important USPTO filings are due.

Trademark Assignment/Change of Ownership

Often trademarks change hands. Make sure to transfer yours correctly.

We can assist you with recording your assignment with the USPTO, or drafting the assignment documents for you.