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Trademark Renewal Reminder

Stay Up-to-Date on Your Renewals!
  • Reviewing Your Trademark File
  • Providing an Annual Notice of Important Renewal Dates
  • Alerting You of the Renewal Dates Well Before Due Date to Ensure Your Filing is on Time

*Minimum of 2 years.

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Trademark Monitoring Services

Police Your Mark!
  • Monitoring of New USPTO Filings and All 50 States Trademark Filings
  • Ensure Legal Compliance of Your Trademark
  • Notification of Any Renewal or Maintenance Filings Due
  • Quarterly Email Updates, Which Include a Comprehensive Search Report

*Fee is per year.

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Do you already have a trademark, but need help protecting it? We offer affordable flat-rate services to ensure your name remains protected. Filing requisite maintenance renewals and declarations are extremely important to maintain the validity of your federal registration. We can help you with the monitoring of your trademark registration. Either we can provide comprehensive trademark monitoring services or we can send you a trademark renewal reminder. The trademark renewal reminder service will keep you alert and updated regarding important dates to file these requisite renewal filings.